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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

By January 20, 2021January 22nd, 2021General

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year. A time of giving, sharing hope, and extending goodwill towards all. This past Christmas was no different.

As we know, 2020 was a difficult year that presented many new challenges. One challenge, in particular, was the effect of Covid on schools and how they educate students. Many children were schooling via Zoom and really missed the benefits of being in-person with their teachers and classmates. Children in the lower economic areas were especially impacted as they lacked access to educational and technological resources (like books at home!) many of us take for granted. This disruption in education continues to place additional stress on teachers and parents. Schools and administrators are seeking ways to support their students and meet the need of this desperate situation.

Principal Rebecca Rodriguez leads a school that faced this challenge. She reached out to her local church and asked for help. She wanted to collect books to gift her 540, Kindergarten and First Grade, students. Most of her students are ESL learners whose families live at or below the poverty line. Their lives were greatly impacted by the added difficulties of the Covid pandemic. Her heart was to give each child a book of their very own, a luxury most did not have. The need was great and time was short… they needed a Christmas Miracle!

Through a personal connection at her local church, Book Drive for Kids heard of the school’s plea. The need resonated with us because it is the heart of our organization … to get books into the hands of disadvantaged students. Book Drive for Kids was excited about the opportunity and accepted the challenge. What makes this opportunity extra special is that Principal Rodriquez’s school is in Peekskill, New York! Almost 1,400 miles away! In less than 5 hours, Book Drive for Kids heard the need, coordinated with the church partner, and ordered the books. A special thanks to one of our partners, First Book for their role in providing low-cost books to disadvantaged children and for shipping this order so quickly. This truly was a team effort!

Our Christmas Miracle – 600 brand new children’s books were on their way!

The school was thrilled by the response to their plea and shocked this gift was coming from Lewisville, Texas! Principal Rodriquez was so grateful and sent Book Drive for Kids a heartfelt thank you.

“Your donation made it possible to create an event that not only brought joy and levity to this challenging season but provided students with a beautiful gift that will continue to support their academic journeys as readers.” She went on to add, “Your efforts are nothing short of amazing! You intervened at a time when we needed you most and we are most grateful for your partnership, love, and care.”

Book Drive for Kids also received a kind letter from the Peekskill City School Superintendent. Dr. David Mauricio thanked us for our gift which helped their district uphold their tenets of “nurturing the ‘whole child’ and providing culturally responsive academics.”

What a joy and privilege it was to bring a Christmas Miracle to students across the country. This would not have been possible without our amazing donors, who enable Book Drive for Kids to be ready with resources to respond so quickly to needs like this. Thank you for turning a desperate plea into a true Miracle.

To quote Dr. Seuss, “Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand.” Blessing children and sharing hope isn’t limited to Christmas.

Watch your in-box for more news about exciting events coming in 2021. Happy New Year!!