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Have You Heard of Thrift Books?!

By June 28, 2022General

Have you heard of Thrift Books?

They are the largest online retailer of used books in the United States. They started in 2003 by selling used books through Amazon and have grown into an amazing online store with six distribution centers across the United States.

Last year during the Race to Kindness, we were invited to tour their Dallas distribution center and meet some of their book-loving leaders. We soon learned that we share a great love of literacy and the belief that finding homes for books was a great quest! Sharing books among other bibliophiles not only allows us to read more but salvages books from the landfill.

As a result of these conversations, we are pleased to announce that Book Drive for Kids is partnering with Thrift Books in several ways to accomplish our mission of getting more books into the hands of those who need them.

  • Thrift Books has committed to donating 50,000 books to Book Drive for Kids over the next year as part of the Race to Kindness. This influx of book inventory is propelling us into an even greater level of outreach as we are able to channel these books into multiple literacy outreaches, Child Care Group, Read Play Talk and a summer reading program as far away as Lynch, Kentucky.
  • Book Drive for Kids was the beneficiary of Thrift Books Cares gift of $38,800 from their Giving Tuesday initiative. As you can imagine, with this growth comes the need to invest in tools to help us do a better job such as new donation boxes, bookmarks, and transportation.
  • Book Drive for Kids has entered a profit-sharing program with Thrift Books, like local libraries utilize. When we receive books we cannot use, we are able to ship them to Thrift Books for some remuneration. This enables us to accept ALL book donations. So send us your books!
  • Book Drive for Kids ALSO has an affiliate partnership with Thrift Books. When you purchase a book from ThriftBooks through this link, we will receive a portion of the profits.

We are truly honored and excited about these new opportunities to reach even more children with a love for books!

You can be a part of this great adventure by purchasing books through our affiliate link with Thrift Books AND by donating any gently used book to Book Drive for Kids.

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