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By March 28, 2019August 28th, 2019General

We recently returned from a family vacation. For months, we carefully planned our trip – the destination city, the perfect location to stay, visits to museums and World Heritage Sites, and not-to-be-missed foods. It was a lovely time! It is after times like these, we ask, “What was your favorite part?”

As I thought about it, I found that it was not the carefully-planned outing or the world famous spots that stood out as the most cherished moments. It was the unexpected happenings – the SURPRISES that brought me the most delight! It was stumbling upon a beautiful street market, accidentally arriving in time for a free concert, and the sheer size of a huge painting!

The very word shouted aloud makes the heart beat a little faster, the eyes perk up a little brighter, and (hopefully) a startled look dissolve into a wide smile and laughter. Some of us love surprises more than others; nevertheless, surprises jolt us out of the mundane activities of life.

Isn’t that something that all great books share? A surprising plot twist. An unpredicted action by a favorite character. A truly tragic series of events. An amicable resolution of a conflict.

Great authors cause us to hold our breath while we read on to see if our hero makes it out of a treacherous situation. Great books prompt us to stay up way past our bedtime because we just MUST see what happens! Great stories surprise and delight us.

What are some books that surprised you?

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