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Reading: critical to a child’s success

By September 2, 2022General

What is one of the greatest predictors of kindergarten success?

It’s not family wealth or education. It’s not the child’s zip code or race.

Any other guesses?

If you guessed, the number of books read to a child, you’re right!  Daily conversation is a plus, too. Some of my favorite memories are snuggling on the couch with my young children and a stack of books. We learned about faraway lands, laughed at funny characters, and dreamed about visiting exotic places and meeting new people. Books have this sort of magic that bring new words, pictures, and experiences into a child’s life. They provide “hooks” where future knowledge attaches and grows.

Unfortunately, thousands of children in North Texas live in “book deserts”. They are missing out  on making these great memories and enjoying sparks of curiosity. When Nicol and I heard this, we knew we had to do something about it. We could see the impact easy access to books had given our own children and believe every child should experience the joy of reading at home with books they love.

This is why Book Drive for Kids exists: to gift books to children who want and need books at home. Because of generous donors like you, Book Drive for Kids provided over 30,000 books to children who would not have them.

Smiles, hugs, and excitement greet each volunteer at our free book fairs. Happy teachers express appreciation over and over. Book Drive for Kids free book fairs help to build a bridge from school to home that encourages reading for fun. With your help, the sky’s the limit to how many kids we can spread the love of reading and bring hope into their lives with a book and the expression of love that comes with it.

Give a Book. Change a Life.

Donate or volunteer today.


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