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Night Gardener

By October 31, 2018Book Reviews

Night Gardener
By Jonathon Auxier

Through the crack around the door, she saw a tall shadow move inside.
‘Master Windsor, is that you?’ she said as bravely as she could.
The footsteps stopped.
The wind stopped.
Her heart stopped.

The Night Gardener is a mysterious tale of Irish siblings Molly and Kip who must find work because their parents have abandoned them. The only job available is as servants for the Windsor family at an old English mansion surrounded by rumors and overgrown woods. Warned by neighbors not to venture to the Windsor’s home, Molly and Kip are faced with no other choice.  They notice strange noises at night, a locked room, and how those who enter the room seem to become paler and paler. Finally, when faced with the truth, Molly and Kip demonstrate true friendship and courage. A chilling tale laced with solid lessons on greed, honesty, and love. For 9-14 year olds who like a spooky, magical tale; they will not be disappointed!   

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