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Kinds Words of Support

By February 20, 2019August 28th, 2019General

Dear Book Drive for Kids,

Thank you guys for coming! I had several kids run up to me and thank me for inviting them to the book fair. I even had some stop me in the hallway and tell me about the book they chose. They were all very excited and extremely grateful for your generosity. I had to tell them it wasn’t my idea, it was you guys who had such a giving spirit. Thanks again for helping to foster our scholar’s love for reading. We really appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Angela Murphy
Inspired Vision Academy

These words warmed my heart because they are evidence that we are fulfilling our mission to help create a culture of literacy! In January, A+ Academy and Inspired Vision Academy, both charter schools operating in south Dallas, welcomed us on to their campuses. We found students who were excited about learning and enthusiastic about books! In the words of Ticcoa, a first-time volunteer:
“It was fun! My favorite moment (though there were many) was the third-grader who found a book super quick and came running to get his bookplate. He half-shouted, half-laughed, ‘I found a book about electricity! I love to build robotics and stuff. I love this book!’”
It’s wonderful experiences and feedback like this that make our giveaways so rewarding!

We know that books inform,
illuminate, but most of all they
feed our minds and souls with ideas.
Without this “food”, we starve the desire to learn. So join us as we strive to meet this need and feed the minds of the next generation. Get involved today!