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Volunteer Highlight – Jessica Torres-Cano

By April 29, 2024May 3rd, 2024General, What's Happening

Volunteer Highlight

Since September of 2022, Jessica has logged almost 60 volunteer hours while working full-time for United Healthcare. She is a bundle of energy and shares her enthusiasm for books at our free book fairs.

BDK: Tell us a little about yourself. Where you live, your family, work, hobbies? What is something your friends love about you?

Jessica: I live in Carrollton with my husband Felix. Between the both of us we have 5 young adults and 7 cats! I love spending time with family, watching movies (especially anything Star Wars), dancing, and of course, READING!

BDK: How did you find Book Drive for Kids?

Jessica: I found you through my company’s volunteer portal. When the company started a volunteer drive, I wanted to find a way to do my volunteer hours that fell in line with my love of reading, Book Drive for Kids was the perfect match!

BDK: What keeps you volunteering so regularly?

Jessica: I feel that reading is truly the key to a great future for anyone. Hearing a kid say that they don’t like to read and then helping them find a book that they get excited about gives me unmeasurable joy. I believe that deep down everyone is a reader, they just have to find that book that speaks to THEM!

BDK: What is one word that sums up a Book Drive for Kids’ free book fair?

Jessica: Inspiring.

BDK: Do you feel like you are making a difference?

Jessica: I really do! As a child, I remember being so very excited for the school book fair but knowing that I would not be able to get the books I wanted due to finances. Seeing every child walk away with a book from a Book Drive for Kids free book fair, no matter their family’s economic background, sets them and their families on a course of literary adventure.

BDK: What would you say to someone considering volunteering?

Jessica: DO NOT HESITATE! You may walk away tired but you will feel so privileged to be able to help those kids find out that reading for pleasure is a possibility!