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Austin Highlight – Brooke Terry

Volunteer Highlight

When Book Drive for Kids first began in 2017, Brooke Terry lived in Flower Mound with her husband and two boys. She was one of our very first volunteers. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to Austin. Fast forward to 2021. We had friends who invited us to bring a free book fair to their small elementary school. Immediately, I thought of Brooke!

After that first event, Brooke wanted to be more involved with getting books into the hearts and homes of disadvantaged children, especially children in foster care.  She soon embarked on a volunteer position of Director of the Austin chapter of Book Drive for Kids.  In coming newsletters, we will keep you informed on what’s happening in Austin but first, we want you to meet the woman behind the scenes.

We caught up with Brooke and here’s what she has to say:

BDK:  Tell us a little about yourself. Where you live, your family, work, hobbies? What is something your friends love about you? 

Brooke: Thomas and I have been married for twenty years and have two boys. My hobbies are reading, bible study, hiking, and traveling. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. My friends would say that I am loyal and dependable.

BDK: Why did you originally get involved with Book Drive for Kids?

Brooke: I LOVE reading books and I want kids to LOVE reading books too.

BDK:  Volunteering to direct multiple events in another city is a pretty serious commitment! Can you tell us what motivates you?

Brooke: As I delved into the research, I discovered that many low-income families do not have any children’s books at home. The Literacy Project finds a stark disparity in book ownership between low-income families (1 book for every 300 children) and affluent families (13 books per child). This gap is a driving force behind our program. 

My passion is to give away fun and engaging books to children so that children fall in love with reading.

BDK: In a single word, how would you describe a Book Drive for Kids Free Book Fair? 

Brooke: Rewarding!

BDK: What is the greatest challenge for you here in Austin? 

Brooke: Time. There is never enough time to meet all the needs in our community.