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A Turkey for Thanksgiving

By November 17, 2018Book Reviews

A Turkey for Thanksgiving
Written by Eve Bunting
Illustrated by Diane de Groat

“My wife won’t mind that you’re too fat,” he said. “Let’s go. It’s getting close to dinnertime.”

A Turkey for Thanksgiving is a humorous tale about Mr. Moose’s quest to have a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. He searches throughout the forest, passing by Rabbit, Mr. & Mrs. Goat, Sheep, and Porcupine until he finds a frightened turkey at the river’s edge. Will he get the turkey for dinner?

This is a fun story for young children and perfect for reading while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared. They will enjoy the interaction between the animals and the illustrations are beautiful.

Eve Bunting, born in Ireland, has authored over 100 children’s books which range in topics from funny folktales to stories about difficult topics such as immigration, loss, and racism. She enjoys writing picture books because they require the writer to tell the tale in a short but interesting way. Check out the many stories by Eve Bunting.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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