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Thank You Letters

By April 7, 2017General

On a sunny day in January, Book Drive for Kids rolled into the gym at Founder’s Classical Academy of Dallas. This K-8th charter school serves a large population of economically disadvantaged students of whom half are still learning English. Anticipation filled the smiling faces of students as they began browsing the book tables, in search of a book to call their own. The children loved the special attention they received as volunteers helped them select a book and personalize it with their name written on the inside cover.

“Can we only have one book?” students frequently asked Nicol Klingenstein, a Book Drive for Kids volunteer. “This both tugs at my heart and brings me great joy,” Nicol shares, “Knowing these kids don’t have easy access to books but have a great desire to read encourages me to continue this mission of getting books into these kids’hands.”

Book Drive for Kids’ not only impacts the students but encourages their teachers. “Since the Book Drive for Kids’ Book Giveaway, our teachers have sensed a renewed excitement for reading,” reports Headmaster Matt Stone, “and the gift of a book made our students feel appreciated and cared for.” For many of his students, English is their second language which makes ownership of books even more important as they work to strengthen their English reading skills. The response from the Book Giveaway at this school demonstrates the mission of Book Drive for Kids – promoting literacy among all our children.

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