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September 2018

Introducing the Book Nook!

By Book Reviews

Here at Book Drive for Kids we LOVE books! We want to share our favorites with you and hopefully, you will share your favorites with us!

For our official launch of the Book Nook, we have a special treat!

Anna LeBaron, the author of The Polygamist’s Daughter, is here to share some thoughts about what books can mean in the lives of disadvantaged children. She has a very personal perspective on this topic because she grew up in a poor family which moved often due to the chaotic decisions made by her parents. She carried the same labels that many of the children we serve at Book Drive for Kids carry: economically disadvantaged, high mobility rate (move around so academically behind in school), stressful home life due to a parent with mental illness, and absent father. When you read about Anna’s childhood in her book, The Polygamist’s Daughter, your heart will be overwhelmed and you will wonder, “How can any child survive this kind of trauma?”

The good news is Anna has survived and thrived! She is an author, a book launcher, and an author’s coach and most of proud of her five grown children. She is a profoundly happy and productive individual who is sharing a message of hope, redemption, and forgiveness in her books and public speaking engagements.

Join Anna and me in this chat to learn the role books played in her childhood. Watch now!

When you enter Amazon through this link and make a purchase, a portion of your sale is donated to Book Drive for Kids.