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April 2018

They did it!

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Three Flower Mound Girl Scouts recently finished hosting TWO local book donation drives. Because of their hard work and determination they were successful in collecting 1,000 children books! That’s 1,000 children that will soon be blessed with a book of their very own.

Grace Zinecker, Elizabeth Burris and Grace Maner heard about Book Drive for Kids at a Girls Scout meeting. Knowing they needed a project to achieve their Silver Award, these three ambitious middle schoolers decided they wanted to make a difference. They contacted Book Drive for Kids and volunteered to host two drives. They met with principals, coordinated book drive details, set up donation boxes and advertised. Their hard work paid off and they collected 1,000 books.

They said the project was challenging but definitely worth it. All three girls are big readers and they loved the idea of sharing the joy of reading with other children. They were excited to help better the lives of others and these book donation drives gave them that opportunity. Grace Zinecker summed it up well by saying, “If everyone helps out others who are less fortunate, we can make a difference in the world, one by one. Helping others can build good character for volunteers, and give those who are less fortunate a chance to find opportunities they never had before.”

Well said Grace! Book Drive for Kids loves kids helping other kids. And these Girl Scouts proved that kids can do big things that impact the world around us.

It’s Fun!

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That’s Sofia Reid’s description of participating in a Book Donation Drive with Book Drive for Kids. Sofia and her fellow American Heritage Girl Pathfinders, Violet, Kyla, and Tressa, collected and donated 400 children’s books which will be used to fill the book tables at a free Book Fair for disadvantaged children. When asked why she thought it was important to share books with other children, Sofia responded, “So they can have fun. Reading is fun!”

Farrel Reid, Sofia’s mother as well as her American Heritage Girls Pathfinder Troop leader, was seeking a service project for her troop of kindergarten girls. “What stood out to me about this service project was the aspect of the girls giving sacrificially of their own belongings. It is one thing to ask a parent to purchase items for a food pantry (which we have done willingly and frequently) but quite another for these children to look at their own bookshelves and decide what they are willing to share with another child who is more needy.”

At Book Drive for Kids, we are excited about getting great books into the hands of children who have less access to them. We are also excited to see donation drives that foster the idea of kids-helping-kids. Thank you, Troop 1171 American Girls Pathfinders, for your generosity and willingness to share your favorite books with other children!