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Clay Classical 2017

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The students and staff of Clay Classical Academy welcomed Book Drive for Kids for the second year in a row! Many of the students remembered the free Book Fair and enjoyed finding a new book to read over the Christmas holiday. Nicol and I were excited to have volunteers from ResponsiveEd and Founder’s Classical Academy of Lewisville join us in helping the students make their selections.

Jacqueline Mercury, Clay Classical Academy Campus Director; Michelle Cook, Director of Book Drive for Kids; John Heitzenrader, ResponsiveEd History Content Director, Angela Bernstein, Founder’s Lewisville PTO President; Nicol Klingenstein, Director Book Drive for Kids; and Lenora Coleman, Clay Classical Academy Asst. Director.

Book Drive for Kids visits Life Schools

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“Do you have any books about tornados?”

The elementary students at Life School Oak Cliff and Life School Lancaster use real books to learn about history and science. So when Book Drive for Kids opened its FREE Book Fair, their curiosity was awake and they were searching the book tables for just the right book! Their interest in sharks, earthquakes, and animals rivaled their interest in mystery and adventure stories. Fortunately, the Book Drive for Kids tables included books in many genres to satisfy a variety of interests at various reading levels.

One of the English Language Learner students found the English version of a book she had read in Spanish. The smile that covered her face was priceless!  We are excited about supporting her diligence in learning English. Then there’s always the one or two students who have trouble picking just ONE book…there’s so many choices!

The children at a Book Drive for Kids event are a snapshot of the children in my own home. Some like sports, others like mysteries; some want to learn how to draw, others want to escape in a fantasy tale. They all benefit from spending time in books. Unlike the children in my own home, many do not have easy access to a wide variety of books, especially books of their own choosing to support reading just for the fun of it!

Thanks to generous donors, Book Drive for Kids can increase that access and help create a love of reading and learning that can last a lifetime.

Book Giveaway for 600 Students! May 2017

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It’s that crazy time of year! Teachers and kids alike counting down the days until summer break. With only a few days left of classes, Book Drive for Kids visited Lewisville Elementary school. This was our largest book giveaway yet, almost 600 students!

What a successful day! Kids ranging from kindergarten to sixth grade, including English as a second language classes, came through and selected books that interested them. The kids were so excited to have us there and couldn’t believe they were getting a book of their very own! We received almost 100 thank you notes from Lewisville ES students. They were so appreciative of our visit. Book Drive for Kids was thrilled to help get books into the hands of these kids and jump start their summer reading.

This was just one more rewarding opportunity for Book Drive for Kids. With each giveaway we hope to impact the lives of children as we promote a love for reading. Literacy provides a strong foundation for educational success, personal confidence and development, and discovery of the amazing world we live in. We want to help kids, especially disadvantaged and English learners, be successful in life…and we are doing it one book at a time.

Please consider partnering with us in our mission. We can only giveaway as many books as we have donated to us. Help us with your donation, both English and bi-lingual books. You will be making a difference in the lives of the future generation!